Spring Time

It is that time of the year again. Spring has sprung, and the days are starting to get longer which most people love, us included. And with it, except for in Hawaii and Arizona, we “spring forward” and turn our clocks forward for one hour, which means that we lose one hour […]

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X-Ray Uses

When the x-ray was invented in 1895, it was considered a miracle of medicine at that time. For the first time in history, doctors could actually see inside the body to confirm or rule out what the doctor suspected in the case history and examination. For example, taking the x-ray allowed the […]

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Does the Doctor Get Adjusted?

doctor gets adjusted

Does the Doctor Get Adjusted?               As a doctor of chiropractic I can tell you that what I do is very physical work. Working hard is definitely not new to me after being in construction for many years prior to me becoming a chiropractor. If you have been a patient for […]

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Deductibles & Copays


Deductibles & Copays Happy New Year! It’s that time of year when you might have a medical insurance deductible to meet. As many of you have noticed this last year has been quite interesting as far as our healthcare system goes. Many of you have already experienced lots of changes especially from […]

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