Medical Take Charge

I think we can all agree that our healthcare “system” is broken.  Because we are self-employed we pay for our own medical insurance which hovers around $375. a month for each of us, until January 1, 2018 and my premium for the same plan will shoot up more than $200. per month. […]

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What’s the Best Mattress?

Due to our profession as Chiropractors, we are frequently asked questions regarding mattresses. Questions can start like this: “Do you recommend any particular mattress for me?”, “What do you think about the memory foam mattress?”, or, “Do you like the bed that you can dial in the firmness?”, just to name a […]

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Standing Desk

When a patient accepts care in the Chiropractic office, there is usually a treatment plan which is mapped out, which includes the type of treatment that will be given, how long the treatment plan will be, and any other instructions and recommendations given to the patient to perform when they are not […]

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Energy Drinks and Health

ENERGY DRINKS AND HEALTH   So, an interesting and not so funny thing happened to me recently…I was feeling a little run down one morning, so before going to the office at 8:00 a.m., I decided to stop at the convenience store and get something for a “pick-me-up”. There it was, staring […]

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Chiropractic Helps Digestion?

Usually, when one considers becoming a Chiropractic patient, they are seeking relief for typical conditions involving the neurologic, muscular, or skeletal system, such as neck pain, middle back pain between the shoulder blades and shoulder pain, lower back pain, headaches including migraines, and pain and/or numbness and tingling down the arms or […]

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Water Intake and Hydration

How much water should I drink? It’s a question you’ve probably asked yourself at least once in your life! There are so many different resources and tips on what your daily intake should be, and it can get pretty confusing. Your body is as much as 75% water, and dehydration occurs when […]

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Seven Benefits of Swimming


Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be one of the most difficult tasks we encounter in life. It requires long-term commitment and attention to maintaining habits relating to exercise and diet. As such, it can easily become boring and routine as the years pass! To prevent this from happening, you can always vary […]

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The Benefits of Stretching


If you have ever been to an exercise class or a doctor like a chiropractor or a physical therapist, there’s a good chance you’ve been told that stretching is an important part of your daily activities. Stretching isn’t just for before you work out, or as a cool down when you’re done. […]

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Magnesium Deficiencies

magnesium deficiency

When you think of important minerals and vitamins that need to be a part of your diet, what ones first come to mind? Chances are, you probably thought of calcium, vitamin B, or potassium. But what about magnesium? An article by Mineral Resources International calls magnesium “the forgotten mineral.” As a result, […]

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Flip Flops in Summer

flip flops

Whether you’re ready for the heat or not, summer is here to stay! Since the weather has been consistently warm (or rather, very hot!) for the last several weeks, we notice that more and more people wear flip flops. And is it really a surprise? Flip flops are easy to put on, […]

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