Our History

Hi, welcome to Pure Chiropractic I’m glad you stopped in.  My name is Dr. Anthony Becerra and I’ve been in practice now for about 14 years, in the city of Murrieta, CA.  The first time I went to a chiropractor, my girlfriend at the time invited me to attend a class her chiropractor in Hermosa Beach was giving.  Honestly, I didn’t really want to go, but she insisted that I check it out and she wanted me to see why she believed in it so much, I had no idea what a chiropractor even was, and I didn’t have any back pain.  Well, I went and listened and I learned a lot.  The thing that really struck me is how this chiropractor was able to treat people without medicine.  That was amazing to me!  Well after exploring chiropractic more, and talking with my girlfriend’s doctor, I decided that I wanted to be a chiropractor!  Long story short, I made my girlfriend my wife and I enrolled in Cleveland Chiropractic College in Los Angeles.

After graduating in 1998, I went to work for a chiropractor in Arcadia.  I worked there for  about two years and commuted to our home in Lake Elsinore, and as you can imagine that commute got old real fast.  My desire was to ultimately establish my practice in Murrieta.  Easier said that done, really, but it had to be done.   Well, I quickly found a chiropractic office that would rent me a room, so I quit my comfy job in Arcadia and took a part time job teaching biology, chemistry and algebra at Cornerstone Christian School in Wildomar, just to help us along while I got my practice started in Murrieta.

In January 2004 we opened our family practice, Pure Chiropractic and we were located at 25060 Hancock Ave. in Murrieta.  We started with barely anything, just a few good patients, my sister worked for me and my wife would bring our little boy in and she’d manage the office for me.  Over the course of five years God built our practice and then moved us just down the street a bit to 25136 Hancock Ave. in Murrieta, where we’ve been for the last five years.  Here’s the complete story of this Murrieta Chiropractor!

New Office 009

The new office had no interior walls or bathroom, so there was much to build to get the space ready to see our patients.

Why Choose Us

My practice is a family practice, which means I treat as many as three to four generations of patients in one family!  As new parents you can bring your infant in to be adjusted, and your grandparents, all at the same time!  I know you might find it hard to believe we treat babies, but adjustments for infants are different than for adults, and it’s perfectly safe.  Infants suffer just as we do!  Some things I treat babies for are colic, acid reflux, limited ability to turn the head, constant unknown discomfort and crying, constipation, just a name a few things.  Of course we see mom and dad too to help them with spinal misalignments, hip imbalances, chronic headaches, etc., and the rest of the kids who run around, play soccer, are on high school sports teams, and fall and get banged up sometimes.  The whole family has a nervous system and spine, and therefore, needs to care for it.  That’s why I’m here.  And what about Grandma and Grandpa?  Yes, even the elderly need care.  If getting rid of a problem, gets rid of the pain, and you can do it without taking drugs or having surgery . . . wouldn’t you want to do that?!  Addressing the problem, and not just throwing pills at the symptoms, get’s the job done.  If you’ve been in an auto accident and feel you need to come in for your injury, I will be happy to do a free consultation with you.

Affordability is key, right?  And maybe your health insurance won’t cover chiropractic.  I get it!  I do.  I’ve taken that into account when working out affordable plans, for my patients.  I have many people who bring their whole family in and need a family plan.  Our office has great hours, same day appointments, convenient parking, friendly knowledgable staff, and is open on most Saturday’s for your convenience.

If you have questions about chiropractic or the process of becoming a new patient, or would like to make an appointment, watch the following video and then call the office.  I’d love to meet you and talk with you about your concerns or even reservations.  In the mean time, look around our website and meet our staff, see where we’re located, read more about what services we offer and even sign up for our blog my wife does.  I hope to see you soon!

Dr. Anthony Becerra

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