Going Paperless

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One of the things any professional office must do in order to stay current is to stay on top with the rapidly advancing world of technology. If you don’t keep up, you quickly get left behind these days. It is unimaginable today to think that the way a chiropractor or any other healthcare professional managed his/her patients up through the 1980’s is by using paper ledger cards, paper files for patient information, and paper patient examination and progress notes. All insurance claims were done by paper as well, as the internet did not exist for this purpose yet. In addition, any kind of advertising was done primarily by the good ol’ Yellow Page ad, and or more ads by mail, newspaper, and even the Penny Saver! Although a little of this type of advertising still exists, it really has gone by way of the dinosaur, with everything done online, by email, and even by text.

With respect to managing patient cases, most offices now have become automated as well, now doing everything with computer software, from scheduling appointments, reminders, and entering data of patient conditions and patient progress. Our office is no exception; we began to get “with the times” around April of this year, first by getting rid of the old tried and true paper appointment scheduler, and utilizing our computer to schedule and manage both new patient and existing patient appointments. As with any transition, it has taken time to get used to. Change can be difficult, but it has been well worth it.

The amount of time it takes to do many daily office tasks has been reduced dramatically since the transition. For example, standard practice of any healthcare office is for the receptionist to call every patient on the telephone to remind them of their appointment for the following day. Now you can see that if an office has a large amount of patients, this task can be very time consuming. Now, we literally push one button, and virtually all of our patients for the next day are reminded of their appointment by text message. The patients love it, and it is very quick, and allows the staff to tend to other pressing issues.

Our patients have been very patient (no pun intended haha) with this and all the other technological changes we have implemented in the office over the past 6 months or so, and we are so greatly appreciative of it.

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