Seven Benefits of Swimming

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Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be one of the most difficult tasks we encounter in life. It requires long-term commitment and attention to maintaining habits relating to exercise and diet. As such, it can easily become boring and routine as the years pass! To prevent this from happening, you can always vary the type of exercise used. One of the better ways to keep yourself healthy is through swimming. Depending on the availability of a pool either at home or at a gym, swimming can be done year round, or mainly in the summertime.

Seven Benefits of Swimming

  1. Swimming has both cardio and strength benefits. While your body is more buoyant in water, the water is still much denser than air. You will have to work harder to propel yourself through the water, which will strengthen your heart and muscles.
  2. Even though swimming engages all parts of the body and builds muscle, it is still considered a low impact sport. Compared to running or other forms of cardio, it places less stress on your joints and can cause less long-term damage.
  3. Regardless of your age or fitness level, swimming is a valid option for anyone trying to remain healthy and engaged in an active lifestyle. In addition, swimming is a better option for someone recovering from an injury who wants to remain active while healing.
  4. You target and strengthen muscle groups that might otherwise be missed when training at a gym. You use different forms and move in a unique way, allowing for the development of all parts of the body.
  5. Depending on your preference, you can work as an individual or in a group setting. Whether you swim laps alone, or play a game of water polo, you will still reap the benefits of being in the water.
  6. Especially during the summer, exercise might be difficult due to the possibility of over-heating. When you exercise in the pool, you have the added benefit of a constant cooling system that also negates your body’s need to sweat profusely.
  7. Finally, swimming can help reduce stress. The routine motion of kicking and stroking with your legs and arms can be soothing and steady. In addition, simply being in the water reduces sensory input and eases the feeling of being bombarded with information and concerns.

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