Flip Flops in Summer

flip flops
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Whether you’re ready for the heat or not, summer is here to stay! Since the weather has been consistently warm (or rather, very hot!) for the last several weeks, we notice that more and more people wear flip flops. And is it really a surprise? Flip flops are easy to put on, easy to store in a bag at the beach, and allow breathing room for your feet. When it’s this hot, wearing close toe shoes can seem like a nightmarish prospect. Hot, sweaty feet and constricted spaces do not go well together! But, have you really thought about how your flip flops affect your spine?

The first thing to know is that when you wear sandals and other flat shoes, you change your gait entirely. The way you walk is less balanced, and puts more pressure on the inside of your feet. These changes can aggravate pre-existing conditions, or cause underlying conditions to appear. As Doctor Donofrio says, wearing these kinds of shoes might “awaken the beast.” Remember that pain is often the last symptom we feel, so after wearing more supportive shoes in the winter, you may see more back problems in summertime as you switch to flip flops. Wearing shoes with proper support, even in summertime, balances your knees, hips, and spine, and makes for better overall health.

So how do you mix comfort and support?

We get it – it’s hard to find supportive flip flops that are also stylish. One store that offers a wide range of sandals is FitFlop. They’re more fashionable, and provide proper arch support that will create an optimal balance in the rest of your body. If you absolutely can’t see yourself wearing these shoes, we suggest finding a way to limit wearing flip flops in favor of shoes with more arch support built in. One last thing you can do is add orthotics to your shoes – they can even be cut to fit into flats in addition to your tennis shoes.

If you feel like your shoes are causing back pain, call the office today! Mention this post to receive a discount rate of $49 for your first visit, and ask about our pre-molded orthotics to see if they might work for you.

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