5 Things to Consider Before Seeing a Chiropractor

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When new patients come into our office, we often hear concerns that they have that may be rooted in misconceptions about or bad experiences with chiropractic care. To address some of these questions, Doctor Becerra has put together five points to consider when walking into a chiropractor’s office.

Consider the following:

1. What do you think of the staff? An office is never run solely by the doctor. There are many people that work to keep a patient’s care the best it can be. The first face you see is often the receptionist when you walk into the office! Are the staff friendly and willing to help? Do they take the time to listen to you and address whatever questions you have? You’ll be seeing and talking to the staff often; make sure it’s an enjoyable experience for you when you visit the office.

2. Is the office honest about what services they offer? Your chiropractor should be willing to answer any questions to clarify what is included in your treatment. This goes for the staff as well. You should not feel like the office is trying to hide anything or evade questions about their services! Honesty and openness is key when you consider accepting chiropractic care.

3. What is the doctor’s availability? One of the biggest concerns of many new patients is the office hours. Many have very busy schedules between family and work. If your doctor is only open three days a week for four hours each day, it might be difficult to adjust your schedule to match the doctor’s. Consider your own schedule, and search for a doctor that is flexible enough to work with you when making appointments.

4. Does the office discuss costs for care over the phone? This is always a tricky one. Doctors should be compensated fairly for their services, but that doesn’t mean that their fees should be kept secret until you walk into their office. Insurance can change the prices depending on your benefits, but you should know a general idea of what you might pay regardless of insurance coverage.

5. Are the first visit fees affordable? On the first visit in an office, many offices do a thorough exam as well as take x-rays, and both of these take additional time and resources. When you consider that you are receiving these services, it’s normal to expect that the first time fee will be a bit higher than usual. Even though this may be difficult and frustrating, remember that this first visit is key in receiving personalized care!

Start with these tips when considering a chiropractor that will be the best fit for you and your lifestyle. If you think we might be that fit, call the office to set up an appointment! Mention this post and you’ll receive a discounted first time visit at $49.

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