Muscle Cramps

muscle cramps
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Something that Doctor Donofrio has noticed in the last few weeks being mentioned by our patients is an increase in problems with muscle cramps. Since summer is just around the corner (though it already feels like it here in Murrieta), we might see an increase in these complaints quite quickly!

Here’s why…

I’ll discuss two reasons why you might be experiencing muscle cramps, but the first one is probably the most obvious: you may be dehydrated. As the temperatures heat up and stay there, your body is going to need more water and the substances within water to remain healthy. If you exercise frequently, you may need even more water than usual. The more water you lose through sweat and normal bodily functions, the more you will need to replace. According to Everyday Health, muscle cramps are an unusual side effect of dehydration. It’s not as common as the usual symptoms of headache, dry mouth, and fatigue, but the connection between hydration and muscle cramps is there.

Another reason for muscle cramping may not be from dehydration at all. In fact, most people who have asked about this problem think the answer might be a lack of potassium. What Doctor Donofrio shares with his patients is that they need to consider their magnesium intake. Mayo Clinic lists potassium and calcium as other mineral deficits that can cause cramps. Most people know about these two minerals – for potassium, an easy fix is eating a banana, and for calcium, milk is one of the first options. But magnesium? Not many people know what to eat or drink to replenish their body’s stores of this mineral!

Here’s a list of some foods we recommend for magnesium intake that are also healthy and can be used in some delicious recipes fit for the summertime:

  • Dark leafy greens (like spinach)
  • Nuts and seeds (sesame seeds, almonds, and cashews)
  • Fish (mackerel, tuna)
  • Avocados

If you’re struggling with muscle cramps, try one of these two remedies!


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