Meet Doctor Donofrio

doctor donofrio
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It’s been a while…

The last time we updated our blog, Doctor Becerra was still healing from his shoulder dislocation. That was way back in January, and a lot has changed since then! Many of you know that during the time Doctor Becerra wasn’t able to adjust as many patients each day as he would have liked, we had some extra help from Doctor Donofrio. Originally brought on as temporary help until Doctor Becerra fully healed, Doctor Donofrio now has a permanent position in our office.

Meet Doctor Donofrio:

Doctor Donofrio, or Doctor “D” to many of his patients, has been licensed as a chiropractor since 1998. But before all of the education that is required to be a chiropractor, he originally intended to become a dentist, and majored in Pre-Health Professions and Biological Sciences at Cal State Fullerton. By his senior year, however, he decided that dentistry wasn’t for him. Around this time, he met an old friend, who had the intention of becoming an Athletic Trainer. Doctor Donofrio was invited to attend several high school sporting events to shadow his friend and observe the treatment of sports injuries. Later on, he was invited to hear a presentation at the Los Angeles College of Chiropractic.

Hearing more about chiropractic was the moment where things changed. This was a career path that would allow him to help people in a natural and drug free way! Doctor Donofrio had always idolized his uncle, a Doctor of Osteopathy, but was never interested in the drugs and surgery that are a part of the profession. So, chiropractic was the perfect alternative. He received his Bachelor of Arts in Biology, and soon applied to and was accepted by the Los Angeles College of Chiropractic in 1992, and began practicing in 1998. He has been an associate chiropractor at three different offices, and had his own practice for a time as well.

Doctor Donofrio is dedicated to helping his patients find healing through chiropractic, and we’re blessed to have him as an addition to our office!

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