Where Are We Now?

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I thought I’d update you as to how Dr. Becerra’s shoulder is healing up after his recent Mud Run incident that resulted in a dislocation.  As you know, we’ve added a new face to Pure Chiropractic, Dr. Charles Donofrio, DC.  Ok, his presence is probably only temporary but nonetheless, he’s been a huge help during this time while Dr. Becerra’s shoulder heals.  Anyway, Dr. B. and I went back for a six week follow up to see Dr. Luna.  When we were in the waiting room I had to give Husband a little pep talk about talking too much.  Husband isn’t a big talker at.  All.  Seriously.  But get him in a doctor’s office and he sort of doesn’t shut up.  He usually starts in with all his symptoms, then launches in with his diagnosis of the problem, followed up with his recommended treatment.  All of that before he even gets on the table for the exam.  My approach to doctor’s visits is much much much different.  I’m all business.  Here are my symptoms.  This is how I feel.  Few words.  Don’t want to distract the doctor with too much information or over stimulation that could result in a misdiagnosis.  Questions usually come at the end.  Husband:  Here’s what happened, but it’s feeling better, except when I move it, I think it’s a bicep tear, I did some research, what do you think about these exercises, wait I need to talk some more so I’m not ready for your answer, what’s that you say? I don’t know maybe what do you think about this idea?  Ok, wait . . .

I had to take pictures of this.  His non-stop chatter.


Complete with faces and everything.  Dr. Luna didn’t know I was snapping pictures and rolling my eyes.  I’m crafty that way.  But in all fairness before I decided to take pictures I was sitting there with big eyes and pursed lips trying to catch Husband’s attention and communicate that he needs to be quiet because we are paying for this doctor’s assessment of the whole situation.  Right?  Yes!  I mean we go see doctors for their opinions, not ours!  We want to hear from them.  Of course they want to hear from us but the last thing I want to do is give emotional persuasion to the situation!  Look at these two. . . they could be related.  Clearly they shop at the same doctor store for their clothes.  Weird.



So all of that to say that the shoulder is healing nicely.  But there’s still a couple limitations.  No raising it above the head.  No movements like throwing a football kind of movement.  And above all else. . . no more mud runs!!  Geez!

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