Dr. Becerra’s Shoulder-The Back Story

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Hi.  I’m Michelle.  “The Wife”.  Dr. Becerra’s wife.  Business partner.  Part owner.  Office manager.  If I don’t tell you who is writing this and what my roll to play in this is, you’ll never fully appreciate the personal meaning behind the story of Dr. Becerra’s shoulder injury.  Oh, did you know he was injured?  Oh yes. About a month ago his left shoulder was dislocated while climbing a wall.  A 6 foot wall.  Why was he climbing a wall?  Well, let me explain. . .

I could start and stop with, “men like to play”, and leave it at that.  And while that is true to a certain extent you should know the real story behind this injury.  I know this sounds mysterious, but actually it’s simple, my man likes to be active.  He works out 4-5 days a week; P90X, running, etc.  He also belongs to a men’s group at church called Fit for Christ.  These guys get together every Saturday morning and do crazy stuff like running their fellow “injured” man on a stretcher around the church perimeter. . . just because.  They do jumping jacks, bear crawls, burpies and once I heard their leader let off a smoke grenade and they had to run through it.  Real man stuff!  When Husband comes home from these early morning workouts, he’s sweaty, dirty, and completely invigorated.  He enters the house completely soaking wet, cold and clammy, filthy, and he has a huge smile on his face.  My man loves this kind of thing, and for more than one reason.  I’ll give you my list (in order) as to why I think, no, why I know, he loves this kind of activity:

  1. Dr. Becerra likes to hang with his friends who love Jesus; it’s a brotherhood.  His brethren.
  2. Dr. Becerra loves to work out and be active.
  3. Dr. Becerra loves to sweat. (I’m convinced of this)
  4. Dr. Becerra is extremely competitive.  (more on this later)
  5. Dr. Becerra loves to drink powdered sports drinks.  (We have an assortment of them, none of which I understand and all of which I believe (in my cynical ways) are a way for people to make money off people who like to sweat.  But whatever.)

Anywho, the Fit for Christ guys decided to participate in the Temecula Mud Run in November, and so . . .  yeah.  I’m sure you sense my lack of enthusiasm for this which really is quite justified and goes way back to 1998 when Dr. Becerra graduated Chiropractic school.  Here’s the thing; if he gets injured and can’t work, he can’t work.  That means no income.  Nada.  So for the last 17 years I have had to reign the man in with his physical activity.  Years ago he took up mountain bike riding.  He loved it.  He bought the bike, he had two biking friends, he loved it!  Then he beefed it.  Dr. Becerra hit a rock or a dirt clod or something and was thrown over the handlebars of his bike and sustained a nasty scrape.  It sounds minor, but had he broken his arm or hand or clavicle, or something like that, there’s no way he could work and adjust his patients.  So, I put an end to that.  It sounds mean, but I had to.  So moving on there have been other activities Dr. B. has done, like snowboarding.  He snowboarded for 6 years and ran a snowboard ski club for homeschool kids.  Mostly recently we’ve taken up something to do together; hiking!  We love hiking.  Last summer we went to Yosemite and Zion National Parks and we hiked our buns off!

Well the day of the Mud Run Dr. B called me at 2:00 pm and gave me the news.  That just as he was going up the wall, he felt a pop and then dropped to his feet.  Thank God there was an EMT dude that popped it right back into place for him.  Normally a person would have to wait to be treated at a hospital ER and having a shoulder stuck out of joint for so long is very damaging to the surrounding tissues.  So after an MRI, some xrays and a visit to an orthopedic surgeon, the treatment is immobilization.  Don’t use it.  Don’t move it.  Don’t raise it!  So it’s been an interesting month!  And you must be wondering how on earth he’s adjusting all his patients.  Well, you’ll have to wait for that story.  But I will tell you that God is good.  He is faithful.

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