A New Fan

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Here in Murrieta, the weather has been pretty hot and humid this summer. In the end of July and this first week of August, we’ve had a few cooler days, but June and most of July were up in the higher temperatures. Some days were just downright miserable! Occasionally we’ll open the office and it’s already at eighty degrees at eight in the morning. Up at the front desk, where the sunlight streams in in the later half of the day, it can get stuffy and hot very quickly, but we tried to combat it with a small fan. With this heat though, it just wasn’t getting the job done.


Our old fan, which we used in one of two ways. One way was to have it sit on the ground and face only toward the front desk, meaning that the other person at our back desk was still left without air. The other way was to have it sit on top of the desk, but then we had papers flying everywhere if we had it on anything higher than the lowest setting.

We’ve had a ceiling fan sitting up in our attic at the office for several years now. It’s from Doctor Becerra and Michelle’s old house, and had only been gathering dust in a box.


Last Saturday, Greg, a friend of Doctor Becerra’s from church and a good patient of ours, took time out of his busy schedule to give us a hand and install the new fan. He found the perfect place for it, and made sure it was nice and secure. We wouldn’t want it falling since it’s right in the walkway!

Walking into the office Saturday and seeing this new fan above our heads was a great moment! It isn’t loud or rickety like some fans, but the air subtly moves around so there’s always circulation. Even for the few hours in the morning, there was a noticeable difference in the temperature. Another bonus is the fact that the old fan won’t have to sit on the desk anymore, which, aside from moving papers around, dried out our eyes quite a bit. Why we didn’t install this fan earlier, we’re not sure, but we’re happy to have it now!


One last bonus we discovered after it was installed: the blades match our window covers. So now the front office looks nice, and we’re very comfortable at our desks!

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