Road Trips and Posture

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This last weekend, Doctor Becerra took a little road trip to visit his family for a reunion. Since he was in the car for several hours straight, something important to keep in mind is posture! Most of us get bored from driving after half an hour, and we can get lazy in how we hold ourselves in the seat. Slouching, hunching over, and leaning to one side are all positions that are really easy to get into when you settle in for long road trips!

Why is posture so important?

When you practice having good posture, it strengthens the muscles over time. When your core is strong, it’s more beneficial in the long run. Your body also holds its adjustments better!

If you consistently have poor posture, your body can eventually train itself to remain that way. The muscles will be used to remaining in that position, and retraining them can be a difficult progress. It’s possible to adjust your posture later in life, but wouldn’t it be better to practice good posture now?

During road trips, what should you do to support your posture?

Holding your posture straight is important any time, but remembering to maintain it when you’re in long car rides like road trips is difficult! One thing we recommend is getting a mesh support to put behind your lower back. It can also be raised a bit in the seat to support your mid-back and shoulders.


Doctor Becerra finds that leaning the seat back a bit helps him when he’s driving for longer periods of time. Obviously, you don’t want to be lying back too far, but a small adjustment can help.

As for me, I know that my habit is to tilt slightly onto one hip, so that even if I’m sitting forward, the pressure will be largely on one side. Eventually, this makes my lower back sore! This is why the support would be a good idea; it gently pushes you into the correct position.

If you still find yourself slouching too much, it’s not a bad idea to stop every now and then and walk around!

Road trips can be fun for the whole family, but make sure you’re all sitting with the correct posture.

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