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What are supplements for?

Supplements are a more natural way to support your body, usually made from various herbs and other natural ingredients. Keep in mind, however, that they can’t always replace medication, and if you have questions or concerns, always ask a doctor. For example, don’t stop taking your blood pressure medication because you want to try a supplement instead! When used correctly, though, supplements can naturally boost the system, control hormones, and help fight illness.

Kayla's Supplements

What experience do we have with supplements?

Since Doctor Becerra’s family has a history of heart and cholesterol problems, he takes two supplements regularly to help keep things under control and not get too high where he has to take medication. The first is from Metagenics, called OmegaGenics Mega 10. It’s a combination of omega-3 and omega-7s, both oils that are shown to keep cholesterol in check and improve heart health. The second is from Ortho Molecular Products – Plant Sterols. It functions in a similar way, promoting healthy lipids (fats).


As for me (Kayla), I take a few different supplements as well. A few years ago, I found that I had low thyroid levels, but not low enough that a doctor would prescribe medication. Instead, I decided to add some thyroid supplements to my diet. In addition, I take adrenal supplements to help maintain stress reactions. Since I often have anxiety, I started taking 5-HTP with B6 blended in, which doesn’t numb the anxiety, but instead allows me to manage it without becoming overwhelmed. Doctor Becerra has also tried 5-HTP, but since he’s generally calm in the first place, it didn’t do much for him!

Like our experience with 5-HTP, supplements may not be for everyone. Or, certain supplements work better for different people! I had to try three different brands of thyroid supplements before I found the one that works best. Once you find the right blend and types of supplements you want to take, they can be a huge benefit for your lifestyle, without taking prescribed medication.

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