Dr. Becerra’s Detox

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In today’s culture, it’s almost impossible to ignore the influx of new diets, cleanses, and detox programs that pop up all the time. With the sheer number of options, and the contradicting information when you compare more than two at a time, it can be difficult to find the true benefits of a detox, but there are some positive aspects! When Doctor Becerra needed a jump start to his weight loss, he used a detox program for the first ten days.

What is a detox program?

The idea of a detox program is not to restrict your calorie and nutrition intake for an extended period of time. Generally, they last about seven to ten days – just enough to clear out your system of unneeded toxins and chemicals and rebalance your body’s systems.

A detox can be done in so many different ways – each person has to decide on their own what would work best for their lifestyle. You can simply eat a clean diet, staying away from grains, dairy, and sugar for a period of time, or if you want something that’s more planned out for you, one program we recommend is the Biotics 10-Day Detox Program.

What was the doctor’s experience with detoxing?

This all started when Doctor Becerra and Michelle were applying for life insurance. With the stress caused by some family deaths earlier in the year, the doctor had gained a bit of weight. Before he could get life insurance, he needed to lose at least five pounds – quickly!

When he started the program on a Monday afternoon, he weighed 220 pounds and had until the following Monday morning for his next weigh-in. Doctor Becerra followed the Biotics Detox Program, and his mornings would start with one shake and vitamins. For lunch, he ate a portion of protein (chicken, fish, or red meat) no bigger than the palm of a hand (about six ounces) with vegetables and more vitamins. As a snack, he would have another Biotics shake, and then dinner would be similar to lunch, with vitamins as well. He also avoided caffeine and sugar – not an easy thing for the doctor! By the end of the week, Doctor Becerra weighed 215 pounds and had reached his goal.

During the detox, the doctor noticed that he had more energy and stamina throughout the day. Even after returning to more normal eating habits, he retained the weight loss, but he also started eating better and making different lifestyle choices.

Even though detox programs can be difficult as your body cleanses its system, the benefits in the end can kick-start you onto a healthier lifestyle!

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