Protein Drink? Must Be Love!

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Doctor Becerra recommends that our patients work out a few times a week; this helps strengthen muscles so that your adjustments hold longer! But he would be remiss if he didn’t follow this advice himself, right? One aspect of the doctor’s daily workouts include a post-workout protein powder. In Michelle’s words, he’s obsessed! Maybe it’s not that bad, but in the last few months, he’s been trying several different protein powders to try and find the best one. Here’s what he’s learned so far!

What does Doctor Becerra look for in a protein powder?

After a workout, the idea is to drink a protein shake, right? Well, how can it be considered a “protein” shake if there are more sugars and carbohydrates than actual protein? It’s counterproductive! Your body uses sugar and carbs (which eventually just break down to sugars) first, and then uses protein. So if you’re trying to build up muscle, or simply replenishing the energy you expended, your body should be using protein. Make sure that’s the primary ingredient in a post-workout powder.

Clean ingredients is another thing that the doctor looks for in a protein drink. Again, if you’re trying to build muscle and get healthier by working out, what good will it do to put chemicals back into your system? The more natural and less artificial, the better. One rule that I’ve learned is this: if you can’t pronounce it, you should think twice about consuming it!

What brands does the doctor like?

There are a few that the doctor has tried, but here are three that he’s used recently:

  • Beach Body. This one is a bit more expensive, but he feels it has the best taste. One other small downside is that the protein in the mix isn’t as high of a quality as it could be.
  • Dr. Axe doesn’t taste quite as good, but it has the best protein quality out of the three. Its blend allows for more tissue healing after a workout.
  • Mike’s Mix is the powder Doctor Becerra is using right now, and he found that it’s a good balance between taste and protein quality.

Mikes Mix Protein Drink

What about the extra goodies?

One thing that can’t be avoided with most protein powders? A strange aftertaste! Eventually, you’ll get used to the taste, but here are a few suggestions to make it a bit better:

  • If you have a vanilla powder, you can spice it up in two ways. Adding unsweetened cocoa powder will make it chocolate, but won’t add too much sugar to the blend. Another way to make it taste a bit better is by adding cinnamon – not too much though!
  • With chocolate or vanilla flavors, peanut butter is a great option! It adds a bit more protein, but be careful of using too much since nut butters have a higher fat content. An alternative to peanut butter is almond or sunflower butter.

Some people like adding ice to their drinks to make it more like a smoothie, but if you just mix water and powder, a bottle with a metal whisk inside it helps break up the powders so your drink is smoother.

It’s taken a while for Doctor Becerra to narrow down what he likes for his protein drinks, but now he has a good idea of what works for him!

What protein powders have you used and liked? What ways do you make them taste better?

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