The Adventures of Spino

adventures of spino
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My name is Spino, but everyone calls me “that pen.” Usually that phrase is accompanied by praises and determinations that I’m “cool” – I’ll admit, I am pretty cool. I’m the second person you meet in the office, but probably the first one you shake hands with. I mean, those ladies behind the desk are great too, but their highlighting your name is nothing compared to the permanent mark I leave as you sign in on their clipboard. I think being at Pure Chiropractic is much better than being at the store; the adventures I’ve been on are nothing compared to staying wrapped up in that plastic and cardboard.

Of course, I’m not just limited to one clipboard. I’m too cool for that, remember? When you fill out your paperwork, there’s a good chance you grabbed me. Excellent decision, as I’m pretty trustworthy. I’ve seen a lot of names and information, but nothing passes my lips! Those ladies gave you so many papers to sign and fill out, but I never bleed or give up through it all. That training really comes in handy, let me tell you. Listen to Doctor Becerra when he recommends going to the gym more often!

Sometimes, you forget me when you hand your paperwork back to the assistant. This is when the real adventure begins. I always love the days when I get stuck in someone’s pocket. Don’t get me wrong – the front desk is nice, and I get to meet a lot of people, but I crave a bit of movement every once in a while. So when you forget me in your pocket, I do a little jig!

Now we’re moving, and one of the girls is walking you back to our special room. You’re new to this, so you might be a bit nervous, but don’t worry. Doctor Becerra will take excellent care of you; he keeps me straight all the time! It’s easy to get bent out of shape as a pen, but his adjustments help me stay strong.

It must be time for your exam – I can feel you moving around and testing your range of motion with the doctor so he can see exactly what’s going on in your body. Oh! And now I hear the whirring of the x-ray machine. This means that the doctor is going to take a good, thorough look at your hips, shoulders, and the curve of your spine. He’s very thorough! Now he has you laying down, and I can feel the nice warmth of the heating pad while they develop the x-rays. You almost want to sleep, don’t you?

I almost doze off, but now it’s time for your adjustment. It’s a bit scary for some people – the most common thing I hear asked is what that cracking sound is. Well, I’ve learned a few things at this office, and I found out that it’s actually just gas releasing as the pressure is relieved off your nerves! So don’t worry; the doctor isn’t breaking your bones or anything.

And that’s it! Don’t you feel much better? Make sure you book a follow-up appointment so you can see all the measurements Doctor Becerra takes on your x-rays. It’s pretty interesting, so you don’t want to miss it. You can use me to write your appointment on a card, but make sure you leave me at the front, okay? Adventures are fun, but I kind of like this office, and I want to stay here.

(Everyone loves our spine pen so much that we had to have some fun with it! You can find them online at this website.)

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