Our Amazing Patients!

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One of the best parts of being in the office is our incredible patients! Over the years, we’ve received many gifts and acts of kindness that make our days a little brighter. Today we wanted to recognize a few and say thank you to all of our patients for being so great!

We love receiving notes…

Often we have children and teenagers in the office for injuries from playing sports, scoliosis, school stress, or even just being with their parents while they get adjusted. Some have been patients for long enough that we’ve seen them through their years in high school, and are now in college!

Camari is one of our younger patients, and an injury was keeping her from playing basketball. Within two months, she was back to basketball and able to play at her best. One day, she brought in a note and picture for us, thanking Doctor Becerra for helping her feel better:

Camari Notes

Knowing we were thought of…

As we get to know our patients the more they come in, they get to know us too! Sue knows that both Sherry and me (Kayla) love to read, so she always brings in her most recent books once she’s done with them to pass on. Last Christmas, Yanina brought in a nail polish that I had commented on months before; the fact that she had remembered for so long really made my day! Another Christmas gift came from Leticia – candles that smelled great, and were perfect for us to put on the front desk.

Tyler came in with his parents, and after seeing Doctor Becerra take care of his dad several times, he wanted to look like a Chiropractor too. One day, he came in wearing his very own Chiropractor shoes!

Chiropractor Shoes

And eating delicious treats…

The way to our hearts is through our stomachs! We’ve had many patients bring in fruits like avocados and lemons from their trees, with enough for all three of us to take some home to our families. Christmas is always full of cookies and brownies, like this one from Veronica!

Santa Cookie VOrozco

And just a few months ago, for Valentine’s Day, Leticia gave us boxes of assorted chocolates that took us two weeks to get through! To say it was a very sweet Valentine would be an understatement.

Last summer, during one of the Southern California heat waves, Jordan brought in a box of frozen yogurt with all the fixings from the store where he worked. It was a sweet way to cool off that afternoon!

Montano Ice Cream

And more!

These are just a few things our patients have done for us; sometimes it’s just remembering what’s going on in our lives like birthdays and family vacations. We always appreciate the little moments like that!

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