Children’s Adjustments

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On Monday, we talked about how it’s beneficial to be adjusted during pregnancy, but did you know that Doctor Becerra also recommends that children, and even babies, get adjusted? When patients are in our office and see pictures of the doctor’s son being adjusted at about three months old, the most common question is, “Babies can be adjusted too?” The answer is yes! In fact, Doctor Becerra frequently adjusts children as young as three weeks old. Many patients often ask if it’s safe for children to be adjusted, and the answer is, again, yes. Just as adults benefit from being adjusted, children do as well!

little baby

What are the benefits of having children adjusted?

As compared to adults, children actually see results much quicker when they start getting adjustments. Their spines aren’t as settled as an adult’s, which makes them more malleable and able to change. For example, in an adult with scoliosis (a curvature of the spine), there’s only so much change that can be done. In children, however, we have seen total curve restoration when the scoliosis is caught at an earlier age. Even other complaints like eczema, constipation, or even seizures have been cleared up within a few weeks of starting adjustments.

Another reason to have children adjusted, or at least be examined, is to detect any early signs of scoliosis or other conditions. As stated above, it’s much easier to prevent a worsening curve, or restore correct spinal posture, as a child! Something the doctor always reminds patients of is that we can’t always feel any pain, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have anything going on with our spinal health. Pain is often the last thing we feel – your child may not even complain at all, but it’s always wise to have them checked anyway.

Children also tend to have more mishaps and general activities like sports in their lives. We’ve seen subluxations, slight misalignments of the vertebrae, from being on the trampoline, falling off playground equipment, skateboarding, and tripping while wearing wheeled shoes. Periodic adjustments will keep them healthy and ready to continue living actively.

dr.b and children

How do we take care of younger patients?

One concern parents have, especially for newborns and infants, is that Doctor Becerra uses the same techniques on children as he does adults. He actually modifies his techniques depending on the age of the child. For example, younger children are adjusted with very light touches, and the doctor will occasionally use the activator to stimulate nerves without moving the joints around too much.

As for x-rays, Doctor Becerra generally avoids taking any on children until they’re about ten years of age. In some circumstances, the doctor will recommend taking x-rays earlier if he feels like he needs to see the curve of the spine and measure the evenness of the shoulders and hips. Other than on those occasions, a thorough exam and tests will allow the doctor to adjust the child without any trouble.

Whether your children are active in sports, have had a few falls, or you just want to get them checked due to the normal stresses of life, it’s always a good idea to bring them in for a checkup and adjustment.

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