Posture Pump FAQ

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The number one reaction to the device shown in the picture above is “what is that?” It may look a bit scary, but that device is called a Posture Pump, and we use it to restore proper neck function. Oftentimes, patients will have what is called forward head posture. This means that your head is extending out past your shoulders, placing strain on the muscles and discs in your neck and upper back. Eventually, forward head posture can lead to degenerative disease, which can only be managed, and not reversed. Other patients will simply have a lack of curve in their neck, which can also lead to further issues if left untreated.

You can see a video on the manufacturer’s website that shows what’s going on in your neck when you use the Posture Pump, but here are answers to some of the most common questions we hear when patients start to use the pump:

What does the Pump do?

Using a self-controlled pump, patients inflate the air bladder that sits right in the curve of the neck when they lay on their back. After pumping the bladder a certain amount of times that Doctor Becerra has recommended, the bladder remains full of air for several seconds. When the air is released, the neck goes back to its original position. Patients will repeat this process for about ten minutes while receiving treatment on our mechanical traction table.

During this process of inflation and deflation, there are several things going on in the cervical spine. First and foremost, it helps restore a normal neck curve. It also, with consistent use, starts to correct forward head posture. In some patients, it also decreases disc bulging. Another benefit to using the Posture Pump is reduced headaches and neck stiffness.


Does it hurt?

Only in very few cases will the Posture Pump cause any discomfort, and if it does, Doctor Becerra will put the therapy on hold until the patient is in a more stable place in their care before resuming its use. Most of the time, however, there isn’t any discomfort at all. In fact, some patients might feel relief!

After the first few uses of the Posture Pump, some patients experience a bit of soreness. This is normal – think of it as when you start a new exercise program. Your body has to adjust to the new movements, and at times it may resist the process.

What if I have a flare-up?

Sometimes, during the correction process, your body will have a flare-up of pain and inflammation as it reacts to the changes you’re working to make. If that occurs, your neck may be to tender to use the pump! That’s okay – we take care of the flare-up first, and once your body is back on track with your adjustments, we reintroduce the pump to continue the curve restoration process.

So while the Posture Pump may look scary, it’s actually a very helpful tool to getting you feeling your best and correcting your spine for long-term benefits!

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