My Eats

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You know you want to lose weight.  You’re frustrated, I get it.  I personally would rather be a bit overweight than go on a diet.  I hate diets.  But what about making small changes?  So what if you made a few small changes to your eating plan? I made a list of things that I can and will do, to help me shed those excess pounds.  Ready?  Ok, here it goes. . .

  • Reduce sugar intake by half.  I say half, because it’s easier to start slow and ease into things like this, than completely depriving yourself of all sugar right off the bat.  So if you take two teaspoons of sugar in your coffee, now you’ll just take one.  If you eat two big scoops of ice cream, dial it down to just one.  Eat dessert after every meal?  Only after lunch from now on!
  • And how about those condiments?  Mayonnaise is full of fat.  I love a great sandwich as much as the next guy but 1 tablespoon of mayo contains 9 grams of fat!  I think I can do without the 1 tablespoon.  Is a pickle a condiment?  I don’t know but I love me a little baby gherkin with my sandwich and I can honestly tell you that the amount of sugar and carbs in a baby gherkin was astounding!
  • Cheese.  What can I say?  I adore cheese!  I can easily eat it in my lunch and dinner!!  Let’s cut it in half.  One slice on my sammy, not two.
  • Diet soda.  Honestly, I just cut this out all together.  There was a time when I’d drink it every day, but I just stopped.  However!  (there’s always an exception, right?) When I have pizza or Mexican food, a little diet coke is a must.  That’s right, just a little.  Meaning Dr. Becerra and I will usually share one, or, I’ll order a small and not get any refills.
  • Bread.  Oooooo how I love the bread!  So what’s a girl to do?!  only buy whole grain, no high fructose corn syrup, low sugar bread.  Rye has little or no sugar and we love it, so that is a low carb option.
  • Carbs.  I’m not a no-carb fanatic.  So for dinner I eat whole grains like brown rice (not white), sweet potatoes, wheat berries, quinoa.  I like a little bread like food at breakfast too.  Bran muffins are great! NO WHITE BREAD.
  • Fruit.  Fruit is good, but too much of it can raise your blood sugar, so be careful.
  • Snacks.  Just don’t.
  • Raw, vegetarian, fruititarian, pescatarian, vegan.  Whatever.  I like everything in balance, myself, and I believe animals are God’s provision for us.  Ideally for me having not more than 1 meal a day with meat in it is what I prefer (Dr. Becerra could easily eat meat for every meal, I can’t do that).  I also like to do one meal a day all raw, or mostly raw, I’m not going to go crazy about it all.
  • Water.  Drink it!  Frequently.
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