Ribs Out

Rib out
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3 Things to Know That May Cause You to Have a Rib “Out”

Since I have been a practicing Chiropractor here in Murrieta, I’ve seen a number of odd conditions that are not the run-of-the mill neck and back pain. I’m talking about the ribs. These rather important bones make up the intermediate part of the spine that helps to protect vital organs and structures that are critical to our living. Ligaments and joint structures in the back and “breastbone” hold our ribs together. Although these ligaments have the job of holding the ribs in place, sometimes the rib can move out of place by a very small amount, I’m talking millimeters. This misalignment can actually cause back pain.  Your ribs can sometimes become misaligned, or “subluxated” through many different conditions that can occur in our daily lives. Let me give you the three ways to know that your ribs may be “out”:


  1. Physical Activity – There are many people who don’t slow down or stop working for anything. These people range from the active construction worker who is on his feet all day to the accountant who spends their days sitting at a desk staring at a screen. What do these two people have in common? Repetitive motion. These repetitive movements such as the lifting of heavy objects, bending at the knees, typing, and standing for long periods can contribute to a misaligned rib. In some instances you may have just slept in an awkward position over exerted yourself at the gym or even experienced repetitive or vigorous coughing and sneezing.


  1. Bad Posture – There are some who may have adapted to their stress in a way that has actually changed their posture. A few examples of people who are in this position are hair stylists, dentists, and students. These people all sit or stand in the same position for hours on end which can contribute to a condition called “forward head posture” which can put too much stress on the spine and shoulders, as well as the ribs.


  1. Symptoms – Lastly you may have a “rib out” based on certain symptomology. For example, you may have stiffness in your neck with mild pain or discomfort from the spine and going out between your shoulder blades especially when you turn your neck. You may also be experiencing difficulty breathing to more severe symptoms such as sharp, stabbing, or burning pain or even the feeling of a “spike” in your back.


There are definitely times for medical intervention when it comes to severe pain with certain rib conditions such as dislocation or fracturing. What I am looking for by doing a full consultation with an exam, x-rays, and some neurological tests is that there are no serious medical concerns for you as the patient. Chiropractic can be very effective and beneficial in helping the individual get relief and become more pain free in no time. Alternatively some types of therapy also help to overcome the swelling and inflammation from this condition.   Such therapies include iceheat, muscle therapy, kinesio – tape, and cold laser therapy. Therefore every patient is unique which means people don’t always respond in the same manner. In this case individualized care through regular adjustments would be recommended to get to the root cause of the problem and not just to deal with the symptoms.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms please make an appointment for a free consult so i can get to know you and your symptoms and get you started on the right track toward good health!


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