IT Bands

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So since May I’ve been struggling with a hip flexor injury, which has recently led into a knee cap misalignment issue due to tight IT Bands.  Good times!!

Anyway, I’ve been going to physical therapy and such and I think I’ve over done it.  I mean between the exercises at home that the doctor told me to do and the ones the physical terrorist told me to do, things are a little tight!  Tight and painful.  One thing you might not care to know about me is that I’m like a dog with a bone.  I don’t do anything half heartedly when it comes to doing what I have to do to get myself well.  I will therapize (you like that word? I made it up) myself into an injury, just to fix an issue.  I’m a fixer.  That’s my sin.  So the insides of the thigh and the outsides are very tight.  In particular my IT bands.



So my doctor told me to get a giant foam roller and “just roll on it”, she says.  So I do this.  I order a giant foam roller that measures like 6 inches thick and 36 inches long.  I pull this sucker out of the box, lay it on the floor, and lay on it sideways.  Ok, my femur almost snapped!  NO!  I’m NOT doing that.  I shove that thing back in the box, and seal it shut.  So on my next PT appointment, I’m laying there on the table getting Adductors “massaged”, which really means that her very nimble fingers were digging into my inner thigh, causing my eyes to tear up and my knees to sweat.



Then I tell my physical terrorist how painful and ludicrous the foam roller is, and she tells me to get a Tiger Tail.  What’s that?  Will it cure me?  Will it hurt?  How much does this thing cost?  I don’t really care at this point, as long as I don’t have to roll on it, and I can do it myself, I’m all over it.  So the Terrorist calls for one of her minions to, “Get the Tail!”.  And she presents with this:



Now this is something I can identify with.  It’s a rolling pin, ok?  That’s all it is, so I can make a pie and work my muscles out all at the same time!  Awesome!  Anywho, it’s about 18 inches long and it’s lovely.  Just lovely.  It feels good as it rolls over the muscles and I can do it myself.  Check it. .



It’s my new friend.  My Tiger Tail.  I bought mine on Amazon but you can get it directly from their website too.

I have to tell you that my roller is a great little addition to our family.  Husband works out every day (he’s lost 8 pounds in a week, jeez!), and is sore, much of the time.  And seeings how he’s a chiropractor and all, he’s going to be recommending this for people with shoulder pain and back pain as well.  Is a matter of fact he’s sitting in the living room right now watching football and he announces that one of the players just broke out his Tiger Tail and started working out his muscles with it.

So that’s it.  That is my new thing.

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