Tennis Elbow-Part 2

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Tennis elbow is a persistent condition that does not go away on its own.  If you continue to participate in activities that over stress the forearm, the tendons will breakdown before they have a chance to completely heal and the chronic inflammation continues.  However, if the forearm is not used at all then the tendons will not get the stress they need to heal properly.  You must modify your activities but not completely stop using your arm.

Purchase a tennis elbow support and use as  directed.  You may wear this as needed, especially when you are doing physical activities.  Ice massage (if you have severe acute pain).  Wrap a paper towel around one end of an ice cube.  Rub the exposed  portion of the ice cube in very small circles around the outside of the elbow around the bone (lateral epicondyle) and the tendon.  Do this for several minutes.  This will reduce swelling in the tendon sheath.

Moist Heat
Apply moist heat to muscles of the forearm.  Moist heat is better than dry heat to treat tennis elbow.  Get some towels wet with hot water and wrap them around the forearm.  This works well, but you really need a heat source to keep them the towels hot such as a wet/dry heating pad, hot water bottle or microwaveable get pack.  Check your heating pad and make sure it is a wet/dry heating pad.  If it is dry only then throw it away and go buy a wet/dry pad.

Strengthening Exercises
Close one end of resistance tubing in a door.  Grasp the other end in your hand keeping your palm up.  Turn your forearm in so that you are turning the palm down.  Do three sets of ten of this exercise.  You may increase the resistance of the tubing by preloading it, by moving farther away from the door.  You may also do this with a hand weight.  Rest your arm on the arm rest of a chair.  Grasp the weight in the hand, then alternate twisting the wrist.

All of these home remedies, in addition to what your doctor has directed you to do, are very helpful in treating tennis elbow.





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