Custom Orthotics part 1

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Do you have high arches?  If so, you need custom orthotics.  Why do we say that?  Well, from personal experience, shoe companies far and wide do not make shoes with arches.  It’s beyond us, we just can’t understand it.  About eight years ago I came down with a bad case of plantar fasciitis in both feet.  The fascia is a ligament that connects the heal bone to the toes.  Well one day I squatted down and apparently the bottoms of my feet stretched (the fascia) and that was that.  Heal pain and I could barely walk.  Sharp stabbing pains.  Ouch!  Anyway, the cure for this was a set of custom orthotics for my shoes.  Of course, this now meant that I was going on a quest to find shoes that custom orthotics could fit into.  That, is a challenge my friends, but all these years later, I have found companies offer cute shoes to house my custom orthotics.

But let’s back up a little and explore why we need our arches to be supported with custom orthotics.



We live in a world of cheap shoes, Target flip flops and Payless flats.  The body needs proper support  from the feet.  Not having custom orthotics to support your feet can result in knee problems, hip misalignment, and poor posture.  Not to mention chronic foot pain and even bone spurs on your heels.  A while ago I wrote about a company that sells women’s and men’s shoes with proper support, called Foot Smart.  Buying these types of shoes can make your life much more comfortable!

Here’s a way you can tell if you have high arches.


Having a pair of custom orthotics can change your life for the better.  We do them here at the office and it’s a very easy process.  Dr. Becerra will take an imprint of your feet in a foam box.










The whole process takes about 3 weeks from start to end.  You’ll make an appointment for the foot impression, then we mail it off to the lab with a prescription from the doctor.  There are different types of custom orthotics, such as ones for your running shoes, work shoes, and even some of your dress shoes.  The custom orthotics are made and then mailed back to us.  We will call you to come in for a fitting and then you’re set to enjoy your custom orthotics and immense comfort!  You won’t believe the difference!

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