Sleeping Position-What’s Right for You?

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So what’s your favorite sleeping position?  Does it look like this?  Our son slept like this for the first 3 years of his life.  Why?  I have no idea, but he did, and it was pretty cute!

Maybe you’re a side sleeper. Or maybe you like to sleep on your back all night long. But I’m guessing most people are stomach sleepers. Your sleeping position is really important for the over all health of your back and neck, as is the kind of bed and pillows you’re sleeping with.  We get a lot of people at the office asking us about what sleeping position is best for the back and neck.  Honestly in our home, Dr. Becerra is a natural stomach sleeper.  He always has been, and it’s really weird to me because I have been a natural back sleeper.  Sleeping on my stomach is not an option and I haven’t used that sleeping position since infancy.  But to each their own, right?  I have to say when I changed the type of pillow we sleep with, Dr. Becerra changed the way he sleeps at night.  A flat, unsupportive pillow can wreck your night’s sleep and cause you to sleep in a position that can cause you to wake up with aching muscles and a sore neck.  There are lots of good pillows out there, and I’ve addressed them in the link above.  Then, there’s the type of bed you have, but that’s for another blog post altogether!

So let’s look at some good and bad ways of sleeping:

Obviously you can see that having a good pillow of your head and one for between your knees, offers great support in the side sleeping position.  When you’re on your back, again, a good supportive pillow for your neck and head, one that supports the natural curve in your neck, and something to lift your knees a bit.  That will take any pressure off your low back.  Chiropractically speaking, sleeping on your stomach, just isn’t good for your neck, even though it might be very natural for you, it is possible to break the cycle by having the right pillow/s and making a conscious decision to change.



If you’re a side sleeper, again, be sure your pillow size is right for you.  If it’s just a regular pillow, then we like one that is Firm and with a gusseted edge.



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