New Pillow Needed?

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Do you need a new pillow?  How would one know?  Well, do you ever get that horrible neck ache when you wake up in the morning, and you get the feeling that your pillow has just given out on you? Abandon you in the middle of the night? Has gone on to greener pastures? I hate it. Well I found this incredible new pillow and had to buy one as it fits all the chiropractic criteria that my husband, Dr. Becerra, would require. We get asked all the time, “I think I need a new pillow, what’s a good pillow to get?” In order to answer that question, we first have to answer the question of what does a neck need? What’s a normal neck vs. an abnormal neck? We want to be normal right? Right! Well, here’s a picture of an normally abnormal neck. I’ll explain in a moment.

Image 1

This neck is straight.  A neck is supposed to have a gentle curve in it.  Like this:

Image 2


Now this is a beautiful neck.  I must tell you that this is the same neck, the same person.  So what happened to correct this person’s neck?  Well, it was partially sleeping with the right pillow and making sure the neck is properly supported, but it mostly has to do with getting adjusted regularly.  In order to correct a person’s abnormally curved neck (this may be you, and one can only tell, if they’ve had x-rays done) the right pillow is incredibly important.  So here’s what I found!



This pillow has a double edged curve, so for me, because I have a shorter neck, I sleep on the side that has the smaller curve.  A person with a longer neck or a larger person, will mostly likely feel most comfortable with the larger curved side.  One of really neat features of this new pillow, is the cooling gel on the surface.  Let me tell you, on a hot summer night, this is just the ticket.

Anyway, I loved it so much I had Dr. Becerra try it and guess what?  We were at Costco the next day buying him a new pillow!  It’s great if you’re a side sleeper too.  Not so much if you sleep on your stomach, but that’s another conversation all together!  Now I’m sure there are lots of pillows out there, but this one we really love, and we encourage you to try it too, and, at around $25.00, you can’t afford not to have that new pillow you desperately need!

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